shape memory alloy

shape memory alloy

With the exploration and innovation of company people, gradually formed four major advantageous products: steel plate, steel pipe, stainless steel, special steel.

  1. Shape Memory Alloy Actuator Wire Manufacturer - DYNALLOY, Inc.

    FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS Get more MOVEMENT, SIMPLICITY and PERFORMANCE with less SIZE, WEIGHT and COST. For over 25 years DYNALLOY, Inc. has been manufacturing and creating state-of-the-art shape memory alloy actuator technology.

  2. A review of shape memory alloy research, applications and shape memory alloy

    Shape memory alloys (SMAs) belong to a class of shape memory materials (SMMs), which have the ability to memorise or retain their previous form when subjected to certain stimulus such as thermomechanical or magnetic variations.

  3. Shape Memory Alloys - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Shape memory alloys are a unique class of alloys that have ability to remember their shape and are able to return to that shape even after being bent. At a low temperature, a SMA can be seemingly plastically deformed, but this plastic strain can be recovered by increasing the temperature.

  4. SHAPE MEMORY ALLOYS - Phase, Types, Characteristic shape memory alloy

    APPLICATIONS OF SHAPE MEMORY ALLOYS Microvalve (Actuators) One of the most common applications of SMAs is mocrovalves. Fig. Toys and novelties. Shape memory alloys are used to make toys and ornamental goods. Medical field Blood clot filters. (i) Blood clot filters are SMAs,shape memory alloy Antenna wires. The shape memory alloy

  5. Shape Memory Alloys | Shape Memory and Structures (SMS shape memory alloy

    Shape memory effect (SME) is a unique phenomenon where the martensitic alloy can recover its pre-deformed shape after being excessively strained, simply by heating the alloy to a temperature above Af. If restrained, heating the deformed martensitic alloy will result in the induction of a large recovery stress.

  6. Shape Memory Alloy - YouTube

    How NASA Reinvented The Wheel - Shape Memory Alloys - Duration: 9:23. Real Engineering 3,658,117 views

  7. 1 Introduction to Shape Memory Alloys

    Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) are a unique class of shape memory materi-als with the ability to recover their shape when the temperature is increased. An increase in temperature can result in shape recovery even under high applied loads therefore resulting in high actuation energy densities as shown in Fig. 1.1.

  8. Shape Memory Alloys - SMA | ARQUIMEA

    Shape Memory Alloys - SMA SMAs are metallic alloys with the ability to return to a predetermined shape when heated. After an apparent plastic deformation, the SMAs undergo a thermo-elastic change in crystal structure when heated above its transformation temperature range, resulting in a recovery of the deformation.

  9. Applications for Shape Memory alloys

    v Bones: Broken bones can be mended with shape memory alloys. The alloy plate has a memory transfer temperature that is close to body temperature, and is attached to both ends of the broken bone. The alloy plate has a memory transfer temperature that is close to body temperature, and is attached to both ends of the broken bone.

  10. How do shape-memory materials work? - Explain that Stuff

    Some shape-memory alloys remember one shape when they're hot and a different one when they're cold, so if you cool them they spring into one shape and if you heat them they "forget" that shape and flex into a different one. This is known as the two-way shape-memory effect .

  11. shape memory alloy

    Nitinol Sample Pack - 7 Varieties 0.5 - 1 - 2mm, 15 - 40 - 60 - 80C Transition Phase Shape Memory Alloy

  12. Shape-memory polymer - Wikipedia

    Much as a traditional double-shape-memory polymer will change from a temporary shape back to a permanent shape at a particular temperature, triple-shape-memory polymers will switch from one temporary shape to another at the first transition temperature, and then back to the permanent shape at another, higher activation temperature.

  13. Shape Memory Alloys - University of Alberta

    Shape memory alloys (SMA's) are metals, which exhibit two very unique properties, pseudo-elasticity, and the shape memory effect. Arne Olander first observed these unusual properties in 1938 (Oksuta and Wayman 1998), but not until the 1960's were any serious research advances made in the field of shape memory alloys.

  14. Patent Details -

    For more information on Technology Readiness Level, please visit:

  15. Shape Memory Alloy | SpringerLink

    Shape memory alloys are mixtures of many martensites and of austenite. The composition of the mixture varies: the matensites and the austenite transform into one another. These phase changes can be produced either by thermal actions or by mechanical actions.

  16. Shape Memory Alloys: Modeling and Engineering shape memory alloy

    Edited by a recognized expert leading a group with a long history of SMA research, Shape Memory Alloys: Modeling and Applications is a necessary book for students and practicing engineers interested in a thorough understanding of shape memory alloys. Read more. Product details.

  17. Shape Memory Alloys Links -

    Shape Memory Alloy Links. Links to Other Web Sites Dealing with Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies . Note: SMST does not endorse any of the suppliers, services, or products listed below. These links are simply provided as a courtesy. SMST accepts no liability that may result from the use of any of these suppliers, services, or products.

  18. Shape Memory Alloys Research Papers -

    We studied the role of VC precipitation in improving the shape memory effect (SME) of the as-solution treated FeeMneSi-based shape memory alloys by examining the microstructures developed during aging and deformation using transmission electron microscopy and electron channeling contrast imaging.

  19. Shape-Memory Alloys Bid Adieu to Old-School Orthodontics

    Shape-memory alloys (SMAs), like Multiple Memory Material, have the ability to learn a shape, unlearn it, and return to it laterall based on temperature. For the shape-memory effect, we take the material and cool it down below a certain temperature, says Dr. Michael Kuntz, Smarter Alloys vice president of marketing and product shape memory alloy

  20. Innovations: Shape Memory and Superelastic Alloys

    Shape Memory and Superelastic Alloys Copper Applications in Innovative Technology. By Clive Barnes. Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are materials that can be deformed at one temperature but when heated or cooled, return to their original shape, i.e. the alloy appears to have a memory.

  21. Shape Memory Alloys - Jameco Electronics

    Shape memory alloys have found use in everything from space missions (Clementine, Pathfinder and many more) to floral arrangement (animated butterflies, dragonflies and fairys), from arterial stents for restoring blood flow to clogged arteries, to actuators for miniature robots.

  22. Shape Memory Alloys Market Size, Share | Analysis Report, 2025

    Shape Memory Alloys Market is anticipated to reach USD 70.4 BN by 2025 with a CAGR of 13%, this market report provides the key players, trends, growth & forecast of the market based on in-depth research by industry analyst. The global market size, share along with dynamics are covered in the shape memory alloys market report

  23. NASA shape memory alloys - Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

    The shape memory alloy team at NASA Glenn is tackling some of these challenges. For more than a decade, the team has been creating new alloys, testing infrastructure, and modeling tools. The alloys developed at NASA have expanded SMAs temperature range to nearly 500C.

  24. Shape Memory Alloy | The Borg Collective, Star Trek Wiki shape memory alloy

    Shape Memory Alloy. Shape memory alloy regenerating the hull of a cube. A Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) is an alloy which remembers its original, cold-forged shape, and which returns to that shape after being deformed in any way by applying heat.

  25. Shape Memory Alloys - Medical Applications

    The exciting field of smart materials is expanding rapidly, with one of the most interesting areas being that of shape memory alloys. A shape memory alloy (SMA) can undergo substantial plastic deformation, and then be triggered into returning to its original shape by the application of heat.

  26. How-To: Work with Shape-Memory Alloy | Make:

    How-To: Work with Shape-Memory Alloy. Jie Qi. Im a tinkerer and life-long learner currently pursuing my PhD at the MIT Media Lab, in the High Low Tech and Responsive Environments groups. My research is all about combining electronics and programming with arts and crafts to creating expressive, imaginative and personally-meaningful technology

  27. Shape Memory Alloys - Materials Research Forum

    The book presents selected, peer reviewed papers from the 3rd International Conference on Shape Memory Alloys (SMA 2018). Covered are: Physical, mechanical and functional properties of shape memory alloys. Structure and martensitic phase transformations. Theory and mathematical modelling.

  28. Shape Memory Alloy demonstration - YouTube

    Shape memory alloys are materials that are able to 'remember' their shape under different conditions. Here we show an example where the petals of the flower shape memory alloy

  29. Understanding the Shape-Memory Alloys Used in Orthodontics

    Nickel-titanium (NiTi) shape-memory alloys (SMAs) have been used in the manufacture of orthodontic wires due to their shape memory properties, super-elasticity, high ductility, and resistance to corrosion. SMAs have greater strength and lower modulus of elasticity when compared with stainless steel shape memory alloy

  30. Shape Memory Alloys - UPRM

    The shape memory effect is observed when the temperature of a piece of shape memory alloy is cooled to below the temperature Mf. At this stage the alloy is completely composed of Martensite which can be easily deformed. After distorting the SMA the original shape can be recovered simply by heating the wire above the temperature Af.

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